How to get more social media followers for your website?

Social media is a boon to budding businesses. Only if used in the right way! It helps to promote your business and can target your posts and your audience for free.  But there’s no point wasting time and energy on creating quality content and promoting them if you don’t have enough audience. Your first priority should be increasing your followers on your social media sites….

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Guide to converting Blogs into Videos

Tired of publishing in-depth blogs but still not getting enough engagement? Thinking of ways you can change content to attract audience? Wait. Think. May be your content isn’t the problems, sometimes the mode of communication can also be a drawback. It’s time you repurpose your blogs into videos. And if you are thinking about it, Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place! Here’s a complete…

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A Big gift without a big price tag!

In the olden day we often used to make paper greetings cards by ourselves or buy one for our friends and relatives. Then we would write our heartfelt wishes on these cards and send them to our loved ones. People receiving those cards would be touched by this lovely gesture which would enhance the relationship and bonding between them.  

However, with the rapid development of computer technology and internet, and the communication shift towards social media has popularised the use of videos majorly. Social media videos generates 86% more shares than text and images combined. Internet is filled with videos shared by businesses and individuals. From serious business explainers to lovely housewarming invitation, our life revolves around videos. That is the reason why switching over to Greeting card video has become a significant trend curve.

A greeting card video is a fun way to surprise our friends and family with our best wishes. It is also an excellent way to keep in touch with our clients and partners and colleagues and employees. A mere thank you video or get well soon video is enough to make them smile.

A greetings card video puts a modern twist on the traditional exchange of cards. Videos not only allow you to tell grandma how big the kids are getting, but show her as well through pictures and videos. That is the reason these e-greeting cards are trending these days. The people you care about would rather get a greeting card video than some hallmarked ready-made card. Recording videos that communicate directly to your people, tells them that you care about them, just enough to send them something personal.

If you are new to this, don’t worry. You would probably need two things to get started, an internet connection and a camera (webcam, mobile phone camera, literally anything that produces decent quality video).

To make your videos a little better, you can do a few things before you start recording:

  1. Chalk out how you want your greeting card video to look like. If you want it to look like a video with your message, find a place to record that has minimal background noise. If you want to make it look interesting, club in different video clips with some memorable moments into one single video. Be as creative as you can.
  2. Choose your angles properly. A shady, crooked angle won’t be appealing. You want your friends and family to feel happy after watching your video.
  3. Think about your background. You don’t want a classy backdrop but you won’t even want an unmade bed or a table full of dirty dishes behind you. 
  4. You don’t need professional-grade lighting for sure but make sure there’s enough light for the other person to figure out it’s you.
  5. You can choose a soothing music as the background score. Music always adds life to your videos.

For the ones who want to make it look professional but at the same time not spend a lot to show someone how much you care, it’s possible. Try Video Friday – greeting video card starting @499 only! Our professionally designed templates add a lot of “wow” to your videos. Select one and upload your pictures or videos, choose relevant fonts and background music from the options. You can also add your messages to make the video more special. Your personalized greeting card video will be ready within 24 hours. Isn’t that great?

Get a greeting card video today!

6 Steps to a Perfect Invitation Video

We are a part of this revolution where everything is turning digital, from online dating to groom hunting everything works on the virtual level. This reiterates that, it’s about time we stopped boring our guests with same old paper wedding invites. Most often these cards either keep lying stacked up amidst plies of rubbish and dust, or get flown away into thin air as paper…

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Tips for Creating Beautiful Wedding Videos.

Weddings are pretty special events. Some people wait their whole lives for this special day to arrive, they plan for their wedding for a long time and then in the blink of an eye, it’s done. This is why wedding photography and videography is so important for many of us. The happy couples want to cherish their most memorable moments for the rest of their…

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Add Video Cards to your Birthday prep list this year!

The date and time is set, party hats and presents bought, a scrumptious rainbow cake ordered and a delightful casserole recipe bookmarked in your web search history. Birthdays are always fun, and what’s more exciting is the planning session to make this day even more special. It is the time of the year when we receive good vibes and blessings from our loved ones and…

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5 benefits of using customizable video templates

The popularity of online videos has escalated in recent years and is quickly becoming the visual content medium preferred by most of the business brands and individuals.   This is simply because videos work. They generate more conversion, more engagement, more return on investment and the simplest fact that people love videos! Now-a-days we make videos for more or less everything. From app promotion to…

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