5 benefits of using customizable video templates

The popularity of online videos has escalated in recent years and is quickly becoming the visual content medium preferred by most of the business brands and individuals.  

This is simply because videos work. They generate more conversion, more engagement, more return on investment and the simplest fact that people love videos!

Now-a-days we make videos for more or less everything. From app promotion to picnic invitations internet is all about videos.

So, if you are ready to jump on board with some videos, you must be thinking about few options. You could hire a professional animator or an agency which would likely deliver the highest quality results, which would also be the most expensive one and could consume a lot of your valuable time. You could hire an amateur designer or a student which would be less expensive but the outcome might not be satisfactory.

Or you could use a low cost video template from Video Friday. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using video templates.

1. Its fast

One of the major benefits of using a video template is how quickly you’ll have your finished product ready to use. That is the main reason why we tried so hard to make Video Friday so fast and easy. You can make a personalized video in just 24 hours.

We haven’t yet timed exactly how long it takes for an average person to plan a promotion or a party, but we can proudly say with our wide range of customizable templates, background music and fonts, it’s definitely possible to create a video in a day. 

2. Its easy

Wanting to make a birthday video for your fiancé’s 25th birthday? It’s easy, you don’t need to know heavy animation softwares like Final Cut Pro or after effects, nor do you need to be friends with apps like Birthday Video Maker. Video Friday has an array of customisable birthday video templates for you to choose from and follow few simple steps.

To know about the steps check out our last blog “Add Video Cards to your Birthday prep list this year

 3. It’s fun

Videos are fun, especially when it comes to the animated ones! Choosing the right video that exactly matches your story, customizing the fonts and music. It’s like hanging out in Clay Town for a while.

 4. Its affordable

If you want to hire a professional team of animators to make a video, you must be looking at anywhere from $3000 – $10,000 for a 1-2 minute video!

We aren’t saying it is better you don’t go pro, but if your budget is limited, video templates are by far the most affordable option.

 5. Its customizable

We all look for a little personal touch to everything that belongs to us. Something that is unique and exclusive. With Video Friday’s video templates you can do exactly the same. You can add your personal messages, add pictures or logos, change music and fonts, provide information and a customized video will be made only for you. 

The options are endless with more than hundred videos to choose from. It just takes a day and we did mention it’s cheap. So next time you think of stepping back due to the hassles of getting a video made for yourself, don’t forget to check out what Video Friday has to offer!

Get started now!

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