Add Video Cards to your Birthday prep list this year!

The date and time is set, party hats and presents bought, a scrumptious rainbow cake ordered and a delightful casserole recipe bookmarked in your web search history. Birthdays are always fun, and what’s more exciting is the planning session to make this day even more special. It is the time of the year when we receive good vibes and blessings from our loved ones and hope for a blissful year ahead.

If you are planning a surprise party for the birthday of your loved one and need to invite guests over, or simply wish the person to light up his or her special day, you surely are looking for ways to make it memorable. Are you thinking of invitation cards and greeting cards? C’mon, we are not in the 90’s anymore. In this era where we are using digital money, why not switch to video cards that leave everyone speechless?

Why Birthday Videos?

Videos are exciting, effective and convey a lot of information. According to research, viewers retain 95% of the information when they watch it in a video as compared to 10% when read as text. Moreover a video is fun and cheerful, incorporates cool colours and funky music, images, captions and warm messages.

You can share a memory – You can gather childhood images or old pictures, and create a retro themed birthday video. The person watching it would be overjoyed to relive the past and overwhelmed with emotions on their special day.

You can sing the birthday song – We all are busy trying hard to keep a work-life balance. While doing so, we often miss birthdays and anniversaries of our loved ones. We sure have a few seconds to send a slideshow video with our favourite pictures together with heart-warming messages, giving them an experience they will not forget.

Besides, these cheap videos are extremely affordable and useful. A single video can be used to invite all your guests by sharing it on whatsapp and social media sites, and win the hearts of your loved ones in a button click.

How to create Personalized Birthday Videos?

Now you must be thinking, “The idea sounds interesting, but how do I create such personalized birthday videos? Something that is funny and impressive, something that touches your heart, making this birthday the most special one.”

Video Friday will help you do just that. We feature various happy birthday templates that are customizable which include slideshows, e-cards, greeting cards and more. All you need to do is go to the website of Video Friday and register.

Choose from a wide range of Birthday Videos for invitations and greetings, select the one you like and click on buy now. Now all you have to do is provide some basic information like the name of the birthday boy/girl, upload their pictures, choose background music and your video will be delivered to you in 24 hours.

Birthdays come once in awhile and you would certainly want to spend your time organizing the best birthday party for yourself or your loved ones. Let a perfect birthday video invitation or greeting card become a part of it.

Create a birthday video now!

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