How to get more social media followers for your website?

Social media is a boon to budding businesses. Only if used in the right way! It helps to promote your business and can target your posts and your audience for free.  But there’s no point wasting time and energy on creating quality content and promoting them if you don’t have enough audience.

Your first priority should be increasing your followers on your social media sites. Social media generate leads, helps in brand awareness, more customer loyalty and higher conversion rates.

Below are some great ways to increase your social media followers.

Understand your audience

Before anything else, what matters the most is knowing your audience. Customer profiling provides in-depth understanding of what you need to do to gain more followers. Know their age, gender, personality, likes, dislikes, buying behaviour etc. Interact more with your customers and also keep a check on what your competitors are doing to gain more customers and social media followers.

Produce valuable content

Once you understand who your customers are, start creating content accordingly. Try posting and publishing often. People love when you are an active brand. But make sure you don’t compromise on quality. The more quality content you have on your social media sites the more opportunities you create for traffic to come your way.


One of the easiest way to get more followers on board is establishing connections and building relationships. A little personal touch to your interaction. If people respond to your posts, remember to like and reply to their texts. Running competitions on your social media handles is a great way to engage more and more audience and get more followers. Ask people to like, comment, share your posts and tag more people on your posts to get a chance to win a prize, This way they will be interested and you will in turn gain more followers.   

Use hashtags

Just like you use specific keywords to increase site traffic, you have to use hashtags on social media posts to increase exposure. Hashtags get more people to your pages, because anyone searching for those words you have used as hashtags can see your posts. But make sure you are using hashtags that are relevant to your business. 

Tag other people and pages

Tag more and more people and pages relevant to your business. This increases the probability of people checking your posts and followed by your page and might end up hitting the follow button. 

Use analytics

Keep in mind to visit your social media insights regularly. This way you can see which posts have the highest audience interaction, hence you can share similar content more often.

Making the most out of each social media platform

  • Facebook – Use images, reach out to facebook groups, and incorporate videos in your posts. Using animated explainer and promotional videos can engage more and more audience. You can also use testimonial videos so new customers can trust you better.
  • Twitter – Connect with local businesses, news sources and accounts. Write blogs, review blogs, tweet and also retweet when your audiences comment.
  • LinkedIn – Encourage your employees to add their role to their respective profile. Engage with similar groups. If you are willing to spend money, you can run LinkedIn ads and sponsored events.
  • Instagram – Look for popular hashtags and use them on your posts. Captions play a big role on intagram so use smart captions that engage more followers. Share stories pretty often and occasionally go live.

Managing your social media accounts can be time, resource and energy consuming. But staying committed to practicing the above mentioned techniques can help you gain more followers.

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