Tips for Creating Beautiful Wedding Videos.

Weddings are pretty special events. Some people wait their whole lives for this special day to arrive, they plan for their wedding for a long time and then in the blink of an eye, it’s done. This is why wedding photography and videography is so important for many of us. The happy couples want to cherish their most memorable moments for the rest of their lives.

Sure, it’s just a wedding, but if you are serious about getting a beautiful wedding video made, remember to put across your expectations to your photographer/videographer in the right way. For some of us, planning for a proper wedding video is a cakewalk, but for some it’s a herculean task. Here are some tips to guide you through this. 

1) Pick a Style

Before you get started think of a specific theme or style. Discuss what kind of video you want to be created. Do you want to document the entire process with each and every detail or do you want a 5 minute edited version of only the best the best parts of the wedding? Different approaches will require different setups, planning, time and perhaps even different equipments. So your videographer has to be well fed about what you want out of your only wedding video. 

2) Know what to expect

A wedding is a hurricane in a bottle. Once the lid comes off you have to be up for what’s there inside. Talk to your other half, and your family members, figure out the details, about the location, the size of the wedding, the key moments, the schedule. Work out how you want the lighting conditions to be, the weather if it’s a destination wedding. Ask the professionals in case you don’t have much knowledge about the procedures.

3) Expect the Unexpected

Planning is the key, but weddings are living, breathing element with hiccups and surprises. So it’s always better to be prepared everything that is expected and flexible for the unexpected ones. Great weather may switch to bad ones, timing can change in a blink, and someone carrying the tray of sweets might slip and fall. Don’t get bogged down in one spot, you cannot afford to miss something important. After all some accidents turn out to be the missing fun elements of your video, making it complete.

4) Be equipped 

You wouldn’t want to leave a single stone unturned on your wedding. Your wedding is all about you. It’s like you are the leading actress of a film. From glamorous close-ups to gorgeous longs shots, your photographers will be capturing the best of you. So be ready to flaunt your lehenga in front of the cameras.

5) Don’t fake it

It’s hard enough for people to smile naturally for a photo. It’s nearly impossible for videos. So its better you don’t try and force senses and emotions when you are being shot. Emotions are everywhere around a wedding, you just need to focus on finding them. Just lay back and enjoy the whole process, don’t be conscious, the videographer will find out perfect candid moments.  

6) Recreate the moment

If you missed out on hiring a professional videographer, and now you are sad because you don’t have the time to look for one! Well, here’s a good news! You can recreate it. You must have heard about video templates. Quickly google for Video Friday and scroll through our range of wedding video templates. These wedding video templates are the best to showcase your teary-eyed moments. You just have to add a few pictures/Videos and messages and your amazing wedding video template will be made in just 24 hours.  

Thank God it’s Video Friday!

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